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Annyeong everyone!

First off, I'm so sorry I haven't been on in so long!
The reason?
College is a serious killer, I'm not even kidding! There's so much work and so little time and everything is so damn hard!
The reason I say I'm back for a little while only is because I have more exams coming up soon and then I'll have finished my first year of college already o_o

Speaking of dates, today is my birthday~
Seriously, don't feel any older at all ._.
Meh, I'll get to replying to all your messages straight away and I have so much more to tell you guys!
I've missed you so much ;A;

How have you all been?
Have you missed my stupidity? I know you have ;P
Come speak to me because honestly I want to talk one on one instead of this journal.
Say hey before I disappear again!!!

Saranghae~ :3


RizaFlameMustang's Profile Picture
United Kingdom
Hello there, call me Riza.

Before I go into detail about random rubbish, some other places you may want to follow me on:


So here's the thing, I actually only got into kpop, let alone B.A.P, in March 2012 when my friend sent me a link to Warrior, I fell in love with them straight away even though it was my first time hearing any kpop. Then when Power came out, well, that was amazing too x3 My bias is Bang as you can tell from my fanfics and constant fangirling over him. I just love him so much x3 and he's turned me into a whore with the help of Himchan orz Everytime I see a new performance or interview the other members try and mess my bias list up with their sexiness/fun/cutness xD

I do indeed listen to other kpop groups like U-KISS, Super Junior, SHINee, Beast/B2ST, NU'EST, SNSD, T-ara, Kara, Big Bang, ChAOS, TVXQ and many more ^3^ (Yeah I know that's mainly guy groups but come on, I'm a girl, gimme a break here!)

Ahem... Random things you might like to know about me:

-My otp is BangHim

-B.A.P is my favourite group

-Bang Yongguk is my ultimate bias

-I don't think my own writing is of a good enough quality

-I wish to become an English teacher when I'm older however

-I plan on moving to South Korea after getting my qualifications

-I never used to like B.A.P

-I like talking to random people

-I'm probably younger than you think

-I play rugby

-I enjoy drawing and dancing

-My favourite kpop song ever, and I have the feeling will forever be, is 'Secret Love' by B.A.P

-I cosplay (usually as dudes, what? Their clothing and characteristics are cooler damn it!)

-I'm in love with Himchan's crotch

I think that's enough to weird you out for now.

I do indeed take requests and have currently put my longer fanfics on hiatus as of now, I have a list of one-shots I'm doing:


-BangLo (sequel requested from the HimUp one)

(Omfg BangHim *Q*)

-Jaejoong x U-Know
-U-Know x Max
-Hangeng x Heechul
-Bang x Zico

TaoRis is currently the most recent in the works and will be coming your way soon~ So if you have any requests, don't feel shy to ask, I seriously feel so happy when people ask for stories, it means you like my writing and although that shocks me, I love it *w*

On another note, talk to me, don't be afraid to, sure I may weird you out a little, sure I might make you my wife, sure I may watch you in your sleep, sure I might kinda sorta rape you, especially if you leave wonderful comments, you're just asking for it then. But seriously, just drop on by and talk to me~ I don't bite, much.

What else is there... Oh yeah! Enjoy the fanfics, random blogs and other crap, if you're just visiting then why the hell not just say hi? Go on, do it, you know you want to *w* Creeper be creepin'


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